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Complementary therapies from a qualified, registered and insured practitioner with over 30 years' experience.

ShiatsuShiatsu is a Japanese massage form which developed alongside acupuncture, and which confers health benefits as well as relaxation.  The treatment follows clear diagnostic procedures and will not conflict with any medication.  Regular monthly sessions support all the body functions and maintain a state of well-being.  Shiatsu can also be used to treat specific conditions, from asthma to stomach cramps, and is wonderful for supporting pregnancy and birth.  Shiatsu takes about an hour and is received through loose comfortable clothing; you don't have to worry about stripping off.
Cost: £35.00 for 11/4 hours

is beneficial for many health conditions, though it is best known for pain relief.  The disposable needles used are extremely fine, not much thicker than a hair, and the sensation is nothing like that of having an injection. A detailed case history is taken, and diagnosis made through feeling the pulse and inspection of the tongue. 
Many people find acupuncture relaxing, and its effectiveness is well documented. 
Cost: £35.00 for 1 hour
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