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Treatment RoomThe most useful form of Shiatsu tuition you can have!  In the beautiful and peaceful ambience of my treatment room, we can work together on your individual questions, theoretical and practical, and seek to resolve any challenges that have arisen on your Shiatsu journey.  This can count as supervision or CPD for Shiatsu Society purposes. 

teaching Shiatsu 1It is a good idea to come for private tuition in pairs or small groups (max. 4 people) so that you can work on each other. It is OK to come on your own and work on me, but it is hard for me to stay awake when I receive Shiatsu!

teaching Shiatsu 2I give private tuition on weekdays throughout the year, except for school holidays.  Hours are from 10 till 2, with a short tea-break halfway.  This may seem like a short day, but the nature of teaching in a small group is such that it will be quite enough.

teaching Shiatsu 3 The cost is £30.00 per hour, which remains the same whether there is one person or more.  So if, for example, there are 2 of you, each person pays £15.00 per hour, and so on. 

Coming to Llangrannog for supervision means that you can combine your Shiatsu with a relaxing break in a stunning area, with walks on the beach or along the cliffs.  Check out our Student Accommodation page for details.

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