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The principal teacher and therapist involved with Shiatsu-Wales is Carola Beresford-Cooke MRSS(T) (me).

TeachingCarola Demonstrating Before retiring to Llangrannog to run Shiatsu-Wales, I taught frequent courses in Shiatsu throughout Europe and occasionally in the USA.  I  co-founded the Shiatsu College UK, where I taught for over 20 years.  I have also written and co-written several books on massage and - chiefly - Shiatsu.

Treatments  I am a fully qualified, insured and registered Shiatsu and massage therapist and acupuncturist.  Essential oils and herbs are further resources I am qualified to offer or recommend.

  Here is my teaching "mission statement".

I believe in encouraging Shiatsu and massage practitioners to develop their own unique style and the quality of their own touch.

In thirty years of teaching I have found that the biggest challenge people face is lack of confidence in their own ability to feel and to touch - a natural ability which comes with being human.  This is clearly all wrong.  I support people in relaxing, enjoying what they do and feeling confident in trusting their own experience.

A Facial I am familiar with many forms of Shiatsu theory and practice, and believe in breaking down the barriers to understanding that separate one style from another.  Each practitioner should feel grounded and confident within the theoretical framework which supports her, and we all need to know the essential unity of all styles within the basic principles of working with energy and touch. 

I try to help people reconcile the perceived differences between what they have been taught and what they actually experience - and it is very rewarding.

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