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If you are looking for information on my courses in Wales this year.....well, I had one course planned (see below for details, as I will be running it next year) but it has been cancelled (not enough bookings to guarantee minimum numbers of students).  So nothing in Wales now till 2016.


I am teaching "A Name but no Form: The Mysterious Triple Heater" in Vienna on 4/5 July 2015 at the Europaisches Shiatsu Institut. 


The five Spiritual Capacities are linked to the most subtle dimension of human Ki, our consciousness. Western science has concentrated on examining our brain, nervous system and behaviour patterns. Eastern thought, on the other hand, has taken the metaphysical route and examined our experience of consciousness itself, and the ways in which it is embodied in our human lives. How are we present? How do we experience? How do we endure? How do we direct our intention?

In this way the concept of the Five Shen developed. The spiritual capacities are all aspects of the one Shen, sometimes translated as Spirit, sometimes as Mind. Each has its own role in our lives, channelling the Universal Shen into distinct abilities that illuminate the practical tasks of living in a physical body in the material world. Some of the Five Spirits are transcendent, others are linked to our individual body or destiny.

In this workshop we will look at the meaning of the Five Shen, exploring the Chinese characters in order to understand them in their fullness. We will begin to identify them in ourselves. We will look at ways in which we can work with their life-giving energies in supporting our receivers.

This workshop will be a mixture of

  • Qigong and Huagong exercise, personal reflection and meditative practice

  • group work to help us identify the meaning of the Five Shen for ourselves and others

  • adapting our practical Shiatsu techniques to help us connect with the Shen level of each meridian function

"Five Spirits" will take place at the Ceridwen Centre, Carmarthenshire, www.ceridwencentre.co.uk. from Monday 20th April in the afternoon to Friday 24th April after lunch. There will be 24 hours of class time.

The workshop costs £400 inclusive of food and accommodation, or £350 if you book before the 1st March. Please email me via the contact page for a booking form or for more information.



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