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Introducing a DVD series on The Meridians of Shiatsu.


This series of twelve covers the six pairs of the meridians of acupuncture and Shiatsu, one disc per meridian.

Averaging an hour and a half of run-time per disc, the series shows each meridian in detail, both traditional pathways and the Zen Shiatsu extensions. 

Each meridian is shown treated fully in the four positions of Shiatsu;

Supine, Prone, Side-Lying, Sitting

with the meridians often taped directly on the model and sometimes shown in an accompanying photo insert.

You can see a trailer for the series here:



We have a number of DVDs where the varnish on the label has coloured to a yellow tinge.  This includes our early edit of the Lung and Large Intestine DVDs, which are not as tidily presented as the current version.  We are selling these DVDs at  almost half price.  

The Liver and Gall Bladder pair are not yellowed, so they are selling at full price.

Sale prices:

1 pair DVDs:  £14         €22

2 pairs:         £26          €40

3 pairs:         £37          €57

4 pairs:         £48          €71

5 pairs:         £59          €82

Full set (includes full-price Liver and Gall-Bladder)  £87  €126

(The offer is not applicable to the USA because the yellowed discs are not USA format)


If you have bought DVDs from us previously and they have yellowed, we will replace them free of charge if you post them back to us.


Full prices:


2 DVDs   £28   $44    €38

4 DVDs   £52   $87    €75

6 DVDs   £74   $126   €108

8 DVDs   £96   $156   €134 

10 DVDs  £118  $175   €150

12 DVDs  £135  $195   €165

Please email me via the contact page on this website for postage prices and to order

 You can also visit 





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