Treatments - Relaxing

Lavendar BottleSometimes you just want to relax and be pampered, and having trained as a beautician originally,I love doing relaxing treatments.  They may be therapeutic as well, of course!  

This treatment is now a household name and needs no explaining.  You will have different oils at each treatment, specifically blended for your needs every time.  This is combined with the "acupressure" massage described below.

Relaxing with Oils "Acupressure" massage
Having been working with both Shiatsu and massage since the 1970's I naturally bring acupuncture points and meridians into my massage. This makes the massage more beneficial and relaxing to receive; it revives flagging energy or soothes away aches and pains.  Combined with the fragrant oils, it makes a luxurious treatment lasting about 11/4 hours
Cost of aromatherapy with acupressure massage: £35.00