Meridian Massage - shiatsu with oil

Have you ever wished you could find a seamless way of combining the transformative structure and methods of Shiatsu with the flowing, rhythmic and fragrant possibilities of oil massage?  Look no further.

Back Massage
Aromatherapists, beauty therapists and masseuses will find that these techniques add immeasurably to the power of their practice.

The five-day course, normally held at the Ceridwen Centre, Carmarthenshire, covers

  • application of Shiatsu techniques in oil massage
  • the twelve main meridians
  • The most used points
  • Ampuku (Hara massage)
  • application of the principles of kyo and jitsu
  • a complete massage routine for the whole body
More specialised courses are Acupressure Massage for the Face and Dealing with Back Problems.

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