Qigong DVD


Here is an unusual DVD!  Three women Shiatsu teachers and practitioners offer the Qigong forms they have practised and taught in their Shiatsu classes for many years.  We are:

Nicola Pooley

Elise Johnson

and me, Carola Beresford-Cooke

The three forms we teach you on this DVD cover the whole spectrum of Qigong's potential.

My form (Carola's) is Bat Doan Cam, the Vietnamese version of the Eight Strands of the Brocade, a classical Chinese form of great antiquity which has found its way to all the corners of South-East Asia.  It embodies the more physical aspect of Qigong, stretching, mobilising, strengthening and toning the body, and increasing energy.  It is strong and vigorous, and suitable for those of moderate fitness and above.

Elise's form is the “Nine Forms of Pre-Heaven Qigong” which Elise learned in China while studying acupuncture at Guanzhou University.  It is taught there as particularly suitable for healing work, since it brings Qi to the hands.  One of the gifts of this practice is its use of the breath, so that in practising it one spreads Qi throughout the body via the breath as well as the movements of the form.  It is a complete practice, involving preparation, exercise and completion, and works on all levels of Qi, physical and non-physical. It is suitable for all levels of fitness if practised gently.

Nicola teaches three forms on this DVD, all of them simple yet working with the most subtle and “highest” frequencies of Qi.  All Nicola's forms are suitable for all level of fitness.

Her first form is the “Five Element Body Prayer” which expresses through movement the unique flavour of each of the Wu Xing or “Five Movings” of Qi which are more commonly known as the Five Elements.

The second is the Hua Gong or “Transformation Practice” transmitted by the Qigong master Zhixing Wang.  Hua Gong is a simple form which gives us access to the charge which exists between Heaven and Earth, enabling us to transform our energy; it cleanses and opens.

Nicola's final form is meditation, the highest form of Qigong or “work with Qi”.  We accompany her through a simple  “heaven and earth” meditation.

We share our Qigong practice with you on this DVD, not as “masters” but as practitioners, three women in their fifties and sixties who have found that Qigong has helped us in our lives and in our Shiatsu practice.  Each of our forms is followed by a short introduction to our work and how we integrate our Qigong into our lives.   And there is a brief “Out-takes” of our mistakes and laughter to lighten things up.   We hope you will find the DVD of benefit to you.

You can see a preview on http://youtu.be/9BfXsdx1c7o

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