Meridians of shiatsu DVDs

It took nearly 5 years to complete these twelve DVDs detailing the meridians of Shiatsu.

The meridians are the heart of Shiatsu training and practice: they are places where our essential being can be most readily contacted by touch, pathways which join our separate parts to each other, our inside to our outside.

Learning them often seems like a hard task to the beginning Shiatsu student, so these DVDs aim to make it simpler by showing the meridians on living bodies and by joining the theory to the practice in the process of treatment.

Even the qualified practitioner can benefit from reminding herself of the access each meridian can provide to specific areas, joints or functions, and exploring other possible options than familiar treatment routines…



“They’re so rich on all levels, I’m sure I’ll be picking up new things every time I watch them. I especially like the fact that, just as you do in your book, you encourage us to find our own style, and do what feels right to us, and also how you show us all these workarounds, how to access the meridians through different positions, through the sister meridians, etc. As a shiatsu student, it really broadens my perspective, and helps me not getting stuck when I give a shiatsu. And the DVDs are also fun to watch, and that’s nice to have fun while learning ?”  Elise, France

“I cannot express my gratitude for your work. They have already had such a positive impact on my practice. They are reminding me of things that I haven’t looked at for a while, or giving new ideas and approaches. Since working with the DVDs I have seen a dramatic improvement in the results that my clients are getting.”   Eric, USA

“As you are a kind of my long distance shiatsu teacher via your DVDs, I would like to tell you that last Sunday I succeed my examination of the third year at the Yu Sen shiatsu school in Belgium. I’ve got congratulations of both external jury members, but I was the most pleased with the fact that I felt very much in my element and that the handling and answers just came out of the blue without much thinking.

Without you I would never have reached this level, and also realize that this is just the beginning and I still do have to learn and practice.”   Hild, Belgium

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We have a number of DVDs where the varnish on the label has coloured to a yellow tinge. This includes our early edit of the Lung and Large Intestine DVDs in which the photos and audio are not as tidily presented as in the later version. We are selling these DVDs at almost half price. The Liver and Gall Bladder pair are not yellowed so are selling at full price. This offer is not applicable to the USA and Canada as the yellowed discs are not in NTSC format.

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