Qigong DVD 

This was the first DVD we made, and it shows three women Shiatsu practitioners and teachers, myself, Elise Johnson and Nicola Ley, demonstrating the different forms of Qigong that help us in our work.

Elise shows the “Nine Forms of  Pre-Heaven Qigong” that she learned in China.  It is a form for healers, since it brings Qi specifically to the hands.  This form works with the breath as well as movement, spreading Qi throughout the body, and benefits both physical and non-physical levels of Qi.

My own form is the Vietnamese version of the “Eight Strands of the Brocade”, a classical Chinese form of great antiquity, practised in various styles throughout East Asia.  It is a strong and vigorous style, stretching, toning and mobilising the body.

Nicola demonstrates three forms;

  • the “Five Element Body Prayer”, which expresses through movement the unique flavours of each of the Wu Xing or Five Phases
  • Hua Gong, or “Transformation Practice”, as taught by Master Zhixing Wang, which cleanses and opens
  • the highest form of work with Qi, a simple “Heaven and Earth” meditation

Each of our forms is followed by a short introduction to our work and the way we integrate our Qigong into our work and lives.

Here is a trailer of the dvd



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