Sequel: Hammering is not enough!

If you’ve watched the Manaka Hammer video, I have to tell you that it is not the only way to get rid of Dampness, and by itself it may not be enough.  Dampness is quite hard to shift – it’s sticky stuff.  so as well as using points to shift dampness, you probably have to strengthen your Spleen and Stomach functions.  Food is a great way of shifting Dampness and supporting your Spleen.

Here’s a little display of some of the foods that help remove Dampness

Foods to shift dampness

So these are great to eat or drink  but the bad news is that you have to cut out some foods and drinks as well, as they engender Dampness.  I did have quite a lot of these in my kitchen.  They are mainly for my husband, of course.

Foods that engender Dampness

And also sugary, yeasty drinks.  Oh no, not…….


Yep, I’m afraid so.  Step away from the Prosecco, Carola, it will go straight to your left hip.

4 thoughts on “Sequel: Hammering is not enough!”

  1. Oh Carola,

    that photo! You put the bubbles and fizz in my life! Life has got to be worth living! Even for wet blankets!



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