Shiatsu is the Japanese version of the “pressure point massage” found in various forms all over the Far East, all springing from the same source in Chinese medical theory, the source that also generated acupuncture.

To receive Shiatsu in the traditional way you are fully clothed (preferably in loose, comfortable clothing) and lie on a futon on the floor; but this can be adapted – you can lie on a couch or sit on a chair.  Your limbs may be stretched or your joints rotated to loosen them.  Deep pressure helps you sink into relaxation, aches are soothed, mind floats free and you feel your body as a whole again.  That is how a good shiatsu feels.

To see more about what the shiatsu practitioner is doing, and what they have learned, you could take a look at the Meridians DVD page.

Shiatsu is helpful for many health conditions; it helps relieve pain and tension, supports the immune system and encourages the body to function at its best.